Aging and Development

Intergenerational Impacts

Through their various intergenerational roles within families or communities –such as caregivers or guardians of grand- or foster children– older people in SSA directly shape the capabilities of children and youth. We research the nature, extent and development impacts of older people’s intergenerational impacts on the human, social and cultural capital of younger generations.

Current Project


Relevance of Older People to Post 2015 Development in SSA: Establishing Basic Parameters

Program: Aging and Development

This project generated- through a systematic secondary analysis of (sub-) nationally representative data from Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia and Zambia – a first body of sound evidence on the scope and patterns of older people’s economic activity, role in smallholder agriculture, intergenerational impacts and age-based inequitable limitations in access to basic services.


Project Period

  • 2013 -2014


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