Strategic Plan 2012-2016

img_38The 2012 – 2016 Strategic Plan was developed through a facilitated participatory process involving all cadres of staff in every department. It was informed by environmental scans by each department; assessments of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each department; interviews with program leaders; evaluation by partners and other stakeholders; and an external evaluation of the Center conducted in 2009.

APHRC has developed a concept and delivered a performance that has driven ten-fold growth in a decade, building an establishment of more than 120 staff from over 10 countries and more than 30 ongoing projects operating on an annual budget of over US$ 10 million in 2011. This success is testament to the Center’s sound concept, quality products, and agile administration. But APHRC is not resting on these laurels. It recognizes that growth presents both challenges and opportunities. Further, expansion is not a smooth process — at certain thresholds of critical mass, an organization must change the way some things are done.