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Factors associated with use and non-use of postabortion care services in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Background: Postabortion care (PAC), is a package of services provided to women who have had an incomplete spontaneous or induced abortion. Knowing the users and non-users of PAC and reasons for use and none-use is important. Objective: The study aimed at identifying PAC service users and non-users and reasons for using or not using the PAC services. Methods: A total of 103 users and six non-users of PAC services were interviewed. Results: Most of the PAC users were young, not formally employed, single and educated to secondary or primary education. Information sharing about one’s health status; support from partner, relative or parents; privacy and absence of queues availability of PAC services and availability of transport enhanced utilization. Inability to pay for PAC services, fear of healthcare providers, fear of being arrested and avoiding stigma hampered utilization. Conclusion. Reducing abortion stigma and making PAC services affordable may increase its use. Key words: Postabortion care, utilization, abortion complications, non-user, Tanzania

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  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Country/Region: Tanzania
  • Accessible: Yes
  • Source: Online
  • Link: https://paa.confex.com/paa/2016/mediafile/ExtendedAbstract/Paper4039/MCHARO_PAA%20.pdf.
  • Language: English
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2016 Written by  Mcharo E.G, Agwanda A. A and Ikamari L.D.E In Manuscript Key words